Re: Balsa in Fedora Core

On 07/05/2004 01:38:16 AM, Craig Routledge wrote:
I examined the Balsa RPM currently in FC2 and found six downstream patches for the 2.0.17 release. I then made sure none of the changes were in CVS. Two of these were clearly distribution specific. Of the remaining four, I'm not sure if most of them are appropriate or will pass muster. So, I'll attach them here so you guys can look them over and see if there is anything you think should be used. The 64 bit fix looks good enough. As I recall, flock/fnctl semantics are tricky and have been discussed extensively before, but I'll include it anyways since it's so small.

1. 64bit-fixes is definetely ok.
2. flock is only a libmutt specific mispelling fix.
3. spoolbox patch introduces more sensible behavior, I think which is OK.
4. rpm-po.patch is workaround for broken intltoolize, I believe. I am not going to touch it unless I have to :).

Patches 1-3 are now in balsa-2-0 branch and I will try to merge them to HEAD as well.

Regarding mailbox locking: we use flock() now as default because fcntl () locking for long time was very unreliable but perhaps it is time now to change the defaults. This would require some testing, though.


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