Re: Balsa 2.0.16: Could not delete Messages in Mailbox

>>  since i've been installed Balsa 2.0.16 (rpm) i could not delete any   
>> mails  lying in my Mailbox /var/spool/mail/uwe. Balsa mentions not to have   
>> write  permissions to it. Really strange, with 2.0.15 it works.
> This is surprising because this part of code was not touched as far as I  
> can tell. Do you know whether both versions were built with the same  
> configure options? Could you also run 2.0.16 with strace
> strace -olog balsa
> - just open balsa, try to delete mail, get the message, close balsa, and  
> post the log file (preferably compressed) somewhere.
> Pawel

I know, it's weird! Both versions were downloaded from the official
Balsa homepage. That's why I can't say if the two versions were build with
the same options. What I should say is that I still use Gnome 2.2 on Mandrake
9.1. But I cant imagine that it has something to do with this problem.

I didn't attached the logfile. Although it is compressed, it is too big for  
the mailinglist-filter (56kB). Should I send the file directly to you? (I  
don't have any Webspace.) Somewhere in the file I found this message:

open("/var/spool/mail/uwe", O_RDONLY)   = 24

but I don't know why it comes up... :-/

Thank you, Uwe.

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