Re: new header style looking strange with some themes

On 01/17/2004 11:56:37 AM, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
[ snip ]
> For the (with AquaX) strange looking borders, the patch (kinda  
> evil hack ;-) below replaces the "stripes" (from the theme  
> pixmap background) with the base color of the text view widget,  
> so it *should* be compatible with rc changes.
> Cheers, Albrecht.

Hi Albrecht!

I just committed essentially this patch to both branches of cvs.   
Another part of the change replaces the fixed colors (medium blue  
and gray) with colors picked from the style of the BalsaMessage,  
so they change with the theme (medium blue really clashed with  
Grand Canyon!).  However, Balsa has to be restarted after  
changing themes.

Message text is now shown seamlessly against the background in  
all Fedora themes except Crux and Ocean Dream. In Crux, there's a  
thin, pale gray, frame separating the white text base from the  
white message background, and in Ocean Dream the text is set on a  
very pale gray base but the message background is white--not  
perfect, but not so bad looking.

There's probably a better way to adapt to theme changes (even  
adapting on the fly, like every other widget!)--if anyone knows  
the necessary magic, please let us know!


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