ANNOUNCE: development balsa-2.1.1 released


Balsa team would like to officially announce balsa-2.1.1 release
available at

This is a release addressed to mostly developers and beta-testers. It  
includes completely new mailbox backend: libmutt is out, Gmime is in.  
This has a number of adventages (further development should be much  
easier, and eg. IMAP support is already superior particularly on low- 
bandwidth links) but also disadvantages - the code needs some real-life  

You can get balsa-2.1.1 directly from (built on RH9)

The src.rpm file includes gmime and is ready for immediate building.
Building from tarball requires earlier installation of gmime library.
Gmime library is available from or directly from

Observe that gmime-2.1.2 is required.

Major problems of 2.1.0 are fixed:
- unread message counters are updated (mostly) correctly.
- SSL and TLS imap support is there.
- searching support is there

Other highlights are:

- message/partial support.
- bonobo used for bringing up balsa from background.
- improved presentation of message headers.
- memory usage of mbox driver reduced to decent level.
- ability to install as the default mailer.
- message index filtering (very useful although UI might use some  
- major cleanup of old cruft.

Report the bugs (preferably together with patches!) either on the mailing
list or to Bugzilla,

Happy mailing!

On behalf of balsa team,

Pawel Salek

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