To allow users to set outbox easily or not?


I have a question to all the users here: should an option be added to  
mark a mailbox as outbox or not?

Currently, it is not possible but there is a pending patch for it[1]. The  
argument is to add such a function to restore symmetry: one can mark a  
mailbox as senbox, draftbox, trash so why not to mark it as outbox?

I have some doubts here though: setting another mailbox as inbox or  
senbox, or event draftbox is harmless. Setting mailbox as trash may be  
harmful if you subsequently ask to empty the trash - but it cannot be  
considered an unexpected behavior. Setting a mailbox as outbox may have  
more far-reaching consequences: on next mail sending, entire mailbox will  
be sent to the To: address and all messages - removed. This is why I  
hesitated to commit that patch since in my opinion, it violates the  
"principle of least suprise". Still, experienced user will still be able  
to change that option if needed. Opinions?


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