Re: the state of HEAD

On 02/28/04 13:28:58, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Am 28.02.04 18:33 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
>> Another note: Is it possible to foreport the latest crypto-changes
>> from Albrecht to HEAD? It won't compile with gpg-enabled for me,
>> complaining about not finding a gpgme-version of 0.3.x (I have
>> 0.4.3-1)
> This is the next task on my personal agenda... Things changed a
> little bit with the introduction of gmime (which itself has some, but
> *very* basic gpg support). But I first have to learn how to use gmime
> effectively, and then port all gnupg and gpgsm stuff to it, so this
> may actually take some time.

I rely heavily on the gpgme support in balsa-2-0 for my everyday
mailing needs, so I guess I'll wait with trying out 2.1.


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