Re: duplicate mail

On 2004.02.18 17:21, Brian wrote:
> Ok I like balsa but its getting on my nerves.  Every time I start it  
> and sometimes when it checks for mail it downloads everything from  
> the server giving me dups.  I end up at least twice a day going  
> through all of my old mail to mark it read.  Whats going on.
> Setup:
> External Mail server - Freebsd/qmail/pop3
> local balsa workstation - Slackware/balsa using mbox (Maildir setup  
> doesn't make sense) NO GNOME (I run Windowmaker thats it)
> any ideas why it is doing this? I am running Balsa version 2.0.16
Hmmm, no idea what may be causing this, I noticed the same thing,  
though. However, what I love about balsa is this neat option "Remove  
duplicates" at the bottom of the Mailbox menu (main window). mutt may  
be the MUA of choice when it comes to quickly parse huge mbox-files  
(balsa always choked on my 100++MB file from one mailing list), but I  
haven't figured out yet how to remove duplicates there, so this feature  
really has saved me a lot of work several times...

Best regards,


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