Re: specifying default browser (gnome2)

On 02/10/2004 10:14:46 AM, Eliseev Vladimir wrote:
> On 2004.02.10 00:59, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> > I'm running Debian with the gnome2 desktop.  In balsa 2.0.15,  
> clicking
> > on a URL link in a message starts up galeon as the browser.  How can  
> I
> > specify for balsa to start up mozilla or epiphany instead of galeon?
> > I've searched in ~/.gnome2 and in ~/.gnome2/balsa, but I find no line
> > which specifies the default browser.
> I had been pointed by some gnome guru to a gconf section with path
> /desktop/gnome/applications/browser which contains obvious entries:  
> exec
> (string), needs_term (bool) and nremote (bool).  You can use
> gconf-editor to change this values arbitrary outside the GNOME session.
> For example, I can call gconf-editor sitting under CDE on Solaris.   
> It's
> a pity balsa seems does not use this values (on GNOME 2.0 for Solaris  
> at
> least): clicking on hyper-links in balsa message body causes inevitable
> Netscape 4.7 run instead of pointed opera or mozilla_fb.

As Peter mentioned, balsa uses standard gnome_url_show() function. This  
function in libgnome- uses
/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/unknown/command gconf path to determine the  
command to be executed.


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