Re: specifying default browser (gnome2)

On 2004.02.10 00:59, Russell L. Harris wrote:
> I'm running Debian with the gnome2 desktop.  In balsa 2.0.15, clicking  
> on a URL link in a message starts up galeon as the browser.  How can I  
> specify for balsa to start up mozilla or epiphany instead of galeon?
> I've searched in ~/.gnome2 and in ~/.gnome2/balsa, but I find no line  
> which specifies the default browser.

I had been pointed by some gnome guru to a gconf section with path /desktop/gnome/applications/browser which contains obvious entries: exec (string), needs_term (bool) and nremote (bool).  You can use gconf-editor to change this values arbitrary outside the GNOME session.  For example, I can call gconf-editor sitting under CDE on Solaris.  It's a pity balsa seems does not use this values (on GNOME 2.0 for Solaris at least): clicking on hyper-links in balsa message body causes inevitable Netscape 4.7 run instead of pointed opera or mozilla_fb.
It seems balsa developers/supporters/adv.users don't track this problem because I asked such question several months ago and nobody answer.  It seems for me Sun's GNOME 2.0 differs from Linux version, so Linux users don't see the problem at all.

Best regards,
                                  Vladimir L. Eliseev
                                  Chief of system software department
                                  Geovers, Ltd., Moscow

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