Re: UI suggestions

Am 2004.02.01 12:14 schrieb(en) Andreas Schmidt:
> Hi,
> I've another wishlist :-)
> Selecting messages in the main window could be more convenient if there  
> was not only a "Select all" option, but also one to "Invert selection".  
> Especially for system mails from cron & friends it would be nice to be  
> able to select the one or two messages one wants to keep for further  
> review and clean out the hundreds of uninteresting messages that have  
> accumulated over time. :-) It would be swell (OT question to the native  
> speakers: is that expression still used today?) if that option could be  
> reached via the mouse context menu, although it would already help it  
> there was just an Edit-menu entry.

I don'T think this would be useful - you can simply select all and then  
<shift>-click all the unwanted-msgs

> For the message view, it would be nice to have "View Source" on the  
> context menu as well. Sure, there is a keyboard shortcut. But usually,  
> just when I want to look at the full headers I forget that it is <ctrl>- 
> <v> :-)

Sure it should be somewhere in the menu, but for the time being, you could  
put an icon "show all headers" on your toolbar (Prefs->Toolbar)


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