UI suggestions


I've another wishlist :-)

Selecting messages in the main window could be more convenient if there  
was not only a "Select all" option, but also one to "Invert selection".  
Especially for system mails from cron & friends it would be nice to be  
able to select the one or two messages one wants to keep for further  
review and clean out the hundreds of uninteresting messages that have  
accumulated over time. :-) It would be swell (OT question to the native  
speakers: is that expression still used today?) if that option could be  
reached via the mouse context menu, although it would already help it  
there was just an Edit-menu entry.

For the message view, it would be nice to have "View Source" on the  
context menu as well. Sure, there is a keyboard shortcut. But usually,  
just when I want to look at the full headers I forget that it is  
<ctrl>-<v> :-)

Best regards,


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