Re: [PATCH] Message window options (was: Delete -> open next?)

On 12/17/2004 01:08:53 AM, Craig Routledge wrote:

I just downloaded the the 2.2.6 source and the patches applied cleanly for me. However, I didn't run diff from the base directory when I made the patch. So make sure you cd to balsa-2.2.6/src and then unpack the tarball and run "patch < patchfile" there. If it still doesn't apply, let me see the error messages.

BTW, unified (diff -u) format is preferred because it is more immune to changes in the code nearby and gives some context information.

Should I file an RFE in bugzilla for this patch?

I do not think it is necessary - I think it will get commited latest tonight unless some last minute objections appear.


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