Re: [PATCH] Message window options (was: Delete -> open next?)

On 12/12/04 11:15:23, Craig Routledge wrote:
On 12/11/2004 04:43:15 PM, Craig Routledge wrote:
On Sat, 11 Dec 2004 18:41:21 +0000, Andrew Conkling wrote:
Don't forget that you can also move a message to another folder, which isn't the same as deleting AFAIK. So should we talk about a message being "processed" (deleted, moved, anything else)?

As for the behaviour, why not just a preference: "Action to be taken after new message is processed": Close message window / Move to next message / Move to next unread message

That seems very simple, UI-wise. :)

Yeah, that's probably best. I was trying not to add to the already expansive preferences, but that one preference would vastly simplify things. I'll put together a patch.

And here's the patch....

Sorry for the delay in keeping up with this thread. I have downloaded the patch, but I don't really know a lot about patching and couldn't get this to patch against 2.2.6 (which I'd like to use rather than CVS). Is it possible for this to be changed? I'd be willing to do it, if someone could tell me how. :)


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