Re: [PATCH] Message window options (was: Delete -> open next?)

On 12/16/2004 02:36:54 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
Sorry for the delay in keeping up with this thread. I have downloaded the patch, but I don't really know a lot about patching and couldn't get this to patch against 2.2.6 (which I'd like to use rather than CVS). Is it possible for this to be changed? I'd be willing to do it, if someone could tell me how. :)


I just downloaded the the 2.2.6 source and the patches applied cleanly for me. However, I didn't run diff from the base directory when I made the patch. So make sure you cd to balsa-2.2.6/src and then unpack the tarball and run "patch < patchfile" there. If it still doesn't apply, let me see the error messages.


Should I file an RFE in bugzilla for this patch?

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