Re: Problems with POP3

There was no message echoed to the console. The error message was "did not get initial greeting." I know that gmail requires SSL to be enabled and I have done so. Thunderbird works fine, I'm using it to send this message. SMTP works from balsa, using gmail servers. So I'm baffled.

Thanks in advance

Ananda Samaddar

Peter Bloomfield wrote:

On 12/12/2004 03:36:11 PM, Ananda Samaddar wrote:

Hello everyone, I'd like to use Balsa as my main client but it has problems checking my Gmail account via POP3. I'm usinf 2.2.6 on Debian Testing. Does anyone have any suggestions of helpful info?

Could you run Balsa from the command line with the option `-d'? The POP3 dialog will be echoed to the console. If you could sanitize it of any sensitive info and send it, the dialog might help track down the problem.



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