Re: message selection on "next unread"

On 12/04/04 08:40:43, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
Iirc, the previous behavior was broken: `next unread' and the others
should select the appropriate message relative to the one that's
showing in the message window; what they actually did was show the
next one relative to the message currently selected in the mailbox

Ha! I never noticed this bug, but that would surely confuse the hell
out of me.


However...not highlighting the newly displayed message in the index
wasn't a good idea, as you point out.  The current cvs version now
- selects the new message relative to the one showing in the message
window; and
- highlights the new message in the mailbox index.

That certainly sounds like the proper behaviour. Guess it's time to
start using the cvs version again.

Thanks for pointing that out!

Thanks for fixing it! Awesome work.


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