Re: A few user questions - nested folders

On 12/02/2004 05:40:37 PM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
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One more question about this: I can't have anything in the base folder ("Mailing Lists" in my case). I'd like to keep somewhat global information therein and have the specific lists saved in the subsequent boxes. Is this possible?

Yes, if you make the base folder a maildir or mh mailbox. Each of those is implemented as a file-system directory with particular contents that identify it, but each can also contain nested mailboxes of either type. So you could have

   Mailing Lists (maildir)
       cur  |
       new  > identify a maildir
       tmp  |
       Balsa    (maildir, also with cur, new, and tmp)
       Xfce     (ditto)

and further levels of nesting if you wish.



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