Re: HEAD: gpg(me) is back!!

On 04/18/2004 02:59:51 PM, Pawel Salek wrote:
[ snip ]
> Do you refer to the fact that the icon is not refreshed  
> immediately but
> only when you change the selection or move the mouse over the  
> index? I am aware of one GTK2 bug (gtk-2.4.0, report filed in  
> bugzilla) that is
> causing exactly this in case the message flags are updated (try
> pressing 'X').

In this case, we probably need to call  
gtk_tree_model_row_changed, to alert the tree-view to the change  
in icon.  It's the caller's responsibility to do this, as the  
mailbox drivers also use libbalsa_message_set_icons and wouldn't  
want gtk_tree_model_row_changed to be called.  Perhaps src/balsa- 
message.c should provide a helper to make both calls.


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