Re: save attachment crash

Am 13.04.04 12:52 schrieb(en) Mario Mikocevic:
> #5  0x40e30456 in g_strdup_printf () from /usr/lib/
> #6  0x080c6961 in libbalsa_message_body_get_content_type ()

Ummm, that function looks rather solid at first glance... Is the crash  
reproducible with that message? That would be an indication that it is  
broken, as parts of a multipart message *must* have content types. If this  
is the case, can you forward that message to the list (if it doesn't  
contain any confidential stuff, of course)?

BTW, if you want to get an even more meaningful backtrace, including the  
exact line numbers of the source and the function call args, you might  
want to re-configure balsa using (assuming you use bash and gcc)

CFLAGS="-g -O" ./configure <all your config opts>

and then rebuild the app using

make clean all


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