Re: balsa compile error: libgnomeprint/gnome-print-master.h: No such file or directory

On 09/20/2003, Ed Rayne wrote:
[ snip ]
> A little bit of further investigation found that the  
> libgnomeprint[ui]-2.0 files were symlinks to the 2.2 versions,  
> hence the fact that it looked at the libgnomeprint-2.2.pc file.  
> Gnumeric also had the same difficulties come compile time. I  
> guess the symlinks are there to provide backwards compatibility  
> with things that look for 2.0 not 2.2 despite the fact that the  
> API has changed.
> Ed

OK--that explains it--thanks for digging deeper!

Balsa's has been fixed in cvs to look for  
libgnomeprint[ui]-2.2 before 2.0, so it should work even with  
symlinks like that.

Thanks for the report.


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