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On Sun, 07 Sep 2003 09:55:55, Thomas Michel wrote:
> Thanks for your fast answer. My friend was in my key list. For details  
> my keylist contains 4 keys wich are generated by me with public and  
> private part, 1 key of my friend only with public part and keys of other  
> poeples only with public part too.
> I have checked again and identified 2 cases of balsa behavior:
> 1) My normal case see above.
>    Here only my keys occurs in the list for public keys of recipient.
>    And the mail will be encrypted with my public key.
> 2) For test i have generated a key with the name and e-mail address of  
> my friend. Now in balsa the list of public keys for recipient is ok.  
> (contains both keys of my friend). But it is following a additional  
> question for choosing a public key for recipient (my address).
> The mail will be encrypted by the last question (my address).
> I think balsa encrypted with from address but i does not believe it  
> really. I was looking for a bug, but there is none in the archive.
What happens is:
Balsa encrypts the message with the keys matching the to addresses,  
followed by encrypting with the senders key. The reason it encrypts with  
the senders key is so the sender can read the message in his/her sentbox.  
When Balsa finds more than 1 key or can't find a key it gives a key  
selection dialog. Maybe the dialog needs improving but this is how Balsa  
(should) work.

Hope this helps,
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