Re: printing HTML message

On 10/14/03 11:34:05, Pawel Salek wrote:
> On 2003.10.14 06:40, Russell L. Harris wrote:
>> Running Balsa 2.0.15 under Debian 3.0 on Pentium hardware; using  
>> maildir structure for mailboxes:
>> HTML messages are displayed properly, but when the message is  
>> printed, only the heading is visible.  There are no "content" and  
>> "message parts" tabs in the message window.
>> I have not found a way to save the message to a file so they can be  
>> opened and printed with a browser.
>> I immediately trash most HTML messages, but this is an important  
>> message.  Is there a way to print it without (blush) forwarding it  
>> to a friend who has a Windows machine?
> There has been some work done to enable printing of HTML messages but  
> I vaguely remember that underlying widgets did not really support it  
> and the project stalled. I think the simplest(?) solution is to save  
> the HTML part to a file, open it with your favourite web browser.
> Pawel

I understand how to do that.  But for the message in question (which is  
from Network Solutions---the domain registry outfit), there are no tabs  
indicating message parts.  Right-clicking on the message does not bring  
up a menu with a SAVE option.  How does one handle such a message?


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