Re: [dvd::rip] Subtitles getting cut off

Oops, so much for typing in the right list address. Please excuse my  
lameness. This did finally prompt me to get my address book straight,  

On 10/12/03 19:11:11, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
> On 10/12/03 18:53:23, Justin Graham wrote:
>> Playing around with the manipulation settings caused a few different
>> things. For one, almost any index setting other than 0 caused the
>> entire
>> frame to be filled with the background color for the subtitles, I
>> could
>> shift this box of color up and see the movie at the bottom but the
>> subtitles still won't move. I'm ripping another movie right now to
>> test
>> and see if it works properly there.  Without clipping/zooming the
>> adjustments properly apply to the subtitles and change the  
>> background
>> etc. but they still refuse to move up.
> Yes, I saw the background color filling when I did color manipulation
> too. Finding the right combination of indices and color values took  
> me
> about an hour(!). It's a bitch, and the manual is frank about this  
> too.
> There are quite a number of different possibilities: (4^2)*2=32
> different ways to set it up. If you're seeing background color try
> adjusting either gray value to 255 (max). And yes, I've had no  
> problems
> with subtitles on other movies, so it seems to be material-specific.

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