Aw: Re: Balsa and pgp !?

> Checkout this message pls ->
> de-imp&
> this one still produces TODO: line ..

Afaics this one is not signed or encrypted (the signature would have a content type of "application/pgp-signature"), but has an attachment which transports a (public) pgp/gpg key. When balsa hits such an attachment, it should pass it to seahorse or gpa which in turn inserts it into your key ring. This is on my "internal" TODO list, but both seahorse and gpa are not (yet) able to handle such requests.

BTW, if you want be try the "bleeding edge" gpgme version (0.4.3) with balsa, you might want to have a look at and Note that afaik this patch did not make it into the CVS yet.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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