Re : Mailbox views

On 2003.05.27 09:39, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> The handling of mailbox views has been changed in cvs.  Views are now 
> used to save the exposed and open state of each mailbox, and an IMAP 
> folder tree is now browsed deep enough to find mailboxes that were 
> exposed or open in the previous Balsa session (the scan depth 
> restriction is overridden to find them).  Of course, no mailbox is 
> actually opened unless the pref is set.
> Views are also used to save and restore mailbox state while 
> rescanning.
> Check it out!

Seems to work fine for me at least until now ;-)
But I have only 2 or 3 Imap mailboxes and no deep imap tree.

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