Re: balsa 2.0.11 issues

On 05/27/2003, Tim O'Brien wrote:
> Hi
> Just Installed Balsa 2.0.11, pretty good.

Glad you like it...

> A few things though:

Oh, there had to be ;-)

> *When new mail arrives in the inbox , when the list is sorted by 
> date. You cant seem to scroll the list anymore, until you go and 
> click on the columns to sort it again. (sometimes it does work tho)

Others have reported this sort of freezing--I don't see it on a stock 
RH8 box.  Related to particular versions of the gtk lib, iirc.

> *Is there any way of stopping the storing of  "Re:" messages in tree 
> list under the original mesage in the inbox so they are sorted by 
> date like the others. (Preferences->Display->Threading doesnt seem to 
> disable this)

Use View=>Flat index.  The default threading type set in the prefs is 
used only when a new mailbox is first opened--it should probably be 
labeled `Initial threading type for new mailbox', or something.

> *When sending the activate signal to some of the dialog box windows 
> in the add 'remote mailbox' or 'address books' (by pressing enter in 
> a text entry) seems to segfault the program. look at create_entry 
> function in balsa-app.c

There were issues with some of the File=>New... methods, hopefully 
fixed in cvs.

> Thanks
> Tim

You're welcome!


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