balsa 2.0.11 issues


Just Installed Balsa 2.0.11, pretty good.

A few things though:

*When new mail arrives in the inbox , when the list is sorted by date. You 
cant seem to scroll the list anymore, until you go and click on the columns to 
sort it again. (sometimes it does work tho)

*Is there any way of stopping the storing of  "Re:" messages in tree list 
under the original mesage in the inbox so they are sorted by date like the 
others. (Preferences->Display->Threading doesnt seem to disable this)

*When sending the activate signal to some of the dialog box windows in the add 
'remote mailbox' or 'address books' (by pressing enter in a text entry) seems 
to segfault the program. look at create_entry function in balsa-app.c


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