Re: [RFC] replace icon list by tree view: new/improved patch

[sorry for the late answer, had a business trip...]

Am 23.05.03 01:09 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> One tiny niggle: hide the notebook tabs also when there's no message?  
> That is, hide by default, and show only when there are some parts...

When trying to solve this, I hit something which seems to be a gtk bug, at 
least for my installation of 2.0.9. In balsa_message_init() I simply added 
gtk_notebook_set_show_tabs(GTK_NOTEBOOK(bm->notebook), FALSE), but then 
after showing the tabs again, they don't react on mouse clicks any more 
(the kb navigation still works). Can you (if you have more than one 
mailbox) try the following to reproduce the effect:

* open at least two mailboxes, deselect Show Mailbox Tabs (in the view 
menu), then exit balsa and start it again, now

* select Show Mailbox Tabs. Two tabs should appear, and try to click on 
them to select the mailbox...

I never saw this before, and it's not critical here, but a catrastrophic 
failure for the messages, IMHO.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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