Re: [PATCH] replace icon list by tree view (was: UI Question/Suggestion)

Am 2003.05.19 19:47 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dreß:
> Am 19.05.03 14:05 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
>> That's right. If you want to act as soon as the user clicks on a row, 
>> but not if the user changes the selection with the cursor keys, you 
>> need to distinguish between key-press and button-press events in the 
>> selection's "changed" handler.
>> Imho, it's simpler just not to respond to "changed", and instead wait 
>> for "row-activated".
> Hmmm, when I think again about this, I must admit that I have mixed 
> feelings. It *is* indeed simpler to implement (it's ready, in other 
> words), but it might confuse users if they can activate a mailbox and a 
> message with a single click or move to the next message using the up/
> down arrows, but they have to double-click a part in the tree view (or 
> hit space). (This was actually the reason I used "changed" as it 
> confused me, but I'm sure others are more intelligent/flexible... ;-)) 
> Does the HIG have some wisdom ready for this?
> Opinions?

I think the problem is, that you can't see both - the tree AND the parts...
Otherwise the exact same approach like the mailbox has would be perfect 
(to open a mail on click or with space)

The HIG is very quite about this special problem...
It only states selecting _and_ moving focus with space and single-click
as well as activating with a double-click. (in "Chapter 10. User Input")


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