Aw: Re: [PATCH] replace icon list by tree view (was: UI Question/Suggestion)

> Some first reactions:
> - hide the notebook tabs unless there's really some structure?

Good idea. Done.

> - title the second page `message parts' or similar?  `Structure' might 
> be opaque to a newcomer;

Please remember that I'm no english native speaker, so label strings may be somewhat funny ;-)) Fixed.

> - keyboard access is hard to figure out: you might want to wait for 
> "row-activated" rather than picking up "button-press" and the 
> selection's "changed" signal.

Hmmm, how should the tree view react on kb events? Moving with the arrow keys always emits changed. I get row-activated when double-clicking a row, but not from the kb. And is there a kb sequence which should pop up the context menu?

> As to replacements: gnome_icon_list is described as obsolete, but 
> afaict isn't actually deprecated.  I've seen nothing about a 
> replacement.

I think the confusion coming from the notebook is actually removed by hiding the tabs if there is only one part. However, the icon list is still used for the sendmsg-window (attachments). I read a message (found using google, but can't remember where) that someone works on a replacement for GnomeIconList, so for now...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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