Re: Language of messages

îÁ 2003.05.11 20:57 Artur Flinta ÎÁĐÉÓÁĚ:
> Hi!
> There is small problem with sending messages with balsa using 
> different languages:
> My language is polish, and whole system is set to it. If I receive 
> message in english and try to reply to it, then balsa inserts on the 
> top something like this:
> Dnia 2003.05.11 21:02, Adam Zaleski napisał(a):  (in english:
> On 2003.05.11 21:02, Adam Zaleski wrote:), but this forces me to set 
> language of the message to Polish what is boring. solution: When 
> reply to message, header of the reply should depends on the language 
> of the message, not on the current locale. Of course, when composing 
> new message, the header should be in language of locale.

My native language is russian and my foreign recipients have the same 
small but annoying problem.  Polish people are using mainly Latin 
characters, so automatically composed polish strings does not damage 
the whole message view in most e-mail clients.  But russian and other 
languages don't use Latin (see the beginning of the e-mail body) so the 
problem become a bit more serious.

Best regards,
                           Eliseev Vladimir

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