source of Balsa Wood for toys

We are  British toy company and are looking for a source of balsa wood for a
toy product.

The wood must be able to pass required tests for the European Union, a
current exporter would be ideal.

We're assembling product components in Zhung Shan (near Macau/Hong Kong) for
re-export initially to the EU, but in the second season globally. A source
that can deliver to us in the Pearl River Delta Region, Hong Kong or Macau
is ideal, but we can handle the import if necessary.

Thanks for any help!


David M. Epright
General Manager

Gift, Games & Toys
World Wide Licenses Ltd/Character Group
# 816 AIA Tower, New World Center
TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong 
tel: (852) 2176 6408  fax: (852) 2176 6330

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