Message index and threads

I think the settings -> preferences -> display -> threading needs a few more options ;)

First, the messages in a thread are now always ordered with the first message at
the top and the last message at the bottom. And that is independant of the sort
order of the complete message list.

So if you sort your messages by reverse-date (newest messages on top), the messages
within a thread are ordered in the wrong order wrt the rest of the messages.

I think either this should be become a pref (order threads in reverse), or it should
become automatic. Since I happen to like the fact that messages within a thread are
ordered wrong if the rest of the messages are ordered by reverse-date, please make
it a pref ;)

Second, it would be nice to have the option to have the thread ordered wrt the rest
of the messages/threads by the last message in the thread, instead of the first.

Right now if I'm reading messages in a thread, starting with oldest message first,
and I delete the message that I have read, the whole thread jumps position.

So I'd like to have a pref for that as well.

Third, if a new message arrives in a mailbox, that part of the thread is always
collapsed. I have set my mailbox to 'expand all threads on open', and I'd like
to have the same behaviour with new messages. I wouldn't mind if that just
followed whatever was set on the mailbox, but it could be a pref.



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