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Am 10.05.03 21:35 schrieb(en) Darko Obradovic:
> If I were on a dial-up (and I was some years ago) I wouldn't want to 
> have messages pop up all the time. Right now it's uncomfortable enough 
> when a warning about non-validated sigs pops up. Considering there

Hmmm, what do you think if the "missing key" warning had an additional 
check button "don't show this warning again" (not saved between sessions, 
so you'll see that message once per session)? There could also be an 
additional config item, but I don't want to contribute to the crowding 

> already is an icon and a text below the headers, it's somewhat redundant.

Note that this icon shows the combination of the status of *all* 
signatures in a message (think of signed embedded message/rfc822 parts), 
and if at least one is not good, the padlock will be red. Furthermore, 
OpenPGP (rfc2440) messages like this one don't show the icon at all, as 
their structure is completely different.

> You could simply offer a "fetch key + validate" option for such messages.

Such context menu items for the index and the application/pgp-signature 
icon are on my TODO list. Stay tuned...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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