Re: UI-BUG : new messages are not always displayed and otherweirdnesses

On Wed, 7 May 2003, E. ALLAUD wrote:

> 	Hi all,
> I already reported this bug : when I check mail the messages are not 
> always displayed instantaneously (!?!). I have to open another mailbox, 
> [...] 
> So it is a gtk bug triggered by the idle callbacks we use here. I have 
> also to say that this infinte loop seemed to "block" the idle handler 
> because I could click on message, and the buttons in the toolbar would 
> refresh accordingly (eg if I click on a deleted message, a lot of 
> buttons are greyed) but nothing appears in the preview pane.

There is a known gtk-2.2.0 bug with almost identical symptoms

Are we talking about the same thing?


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