Re: Balsa CVS doesn't compile (ldap_destroy_cache)

On 2003.05.06 14:17, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
> On 2003.05.06 13:16, Pawel Salek wrote:
>>> [snip]
>> ldap_destroy_cache() is declared in ldap.h (openldap-2.0.27) that is 
>> explicitely included in address-book-ldap.c. Which version of ldap 
>> libraries do you try to compile balsa against?
> openldap-2.1.17
> In that version, all references to the ldap_*cache* functions have 
> been
> deleted, the functions have been replaced by empty stubs, and a
> comment at the top of cache.c reads:
>  *  cache.c - just shell functions for the now defunct LDAP caching 
> routines
>  *              to be deleted in the next "full" release
> So I assume that ldap_destroy_cache() is obsolete ...

I will then remove all references to ldap_*cache* functions in 

Thanks for the reply!


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