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yeesh - then i forgot to attach it.  here it is...


On 2003.05.02 08:49 Bryan Butler wrote:
> i complained about this some time ago (august 2002 - see the attached
> email).  if you open up a second instance of balsa and send an email
> from it, then *all* emails already sent from the first one are re-sent.
> huge bug, IMHO, and one i'd *really* like to see fixed.
> 	-bryan
> On 2003.05.02 08:35 Darko Obradovic wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > well, the topic says it already... right now it's possible, and I don't 
> > think it's that good. Is there a good reason to do that? Or simply no 
> > reason to avoid it?
> > 
> > bye,
> > 
> > Darko
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so, i've been test-driving 1.4.0 this morning, and found
several of what i would consider bugs, and several things
that i would like to see added.

bugs (in my own perception anyway):

 - on startup, not all mailboxes are scanned in.  yes, i have
   the 'Remember open mailboxes between sessions' selected.
   it seems to only scan in the mailboxes in the main mail
   directory (Inbox, Sentbox, Draftbox, Outbox, Trash), and
   stops there (i have all the rest in subdirectories).

 - after creating a new mailbox, the information on the old mailboxes
   already there goes away ('Unread' and 'Total' messages).  i have
   to click on each old mailbox again to get it to be re-scanned.

 - try the following:
    - start up balsa
    - send a couple of test emails to yourself
    - start up another balsa from another application (i use
      balsa as my email client from galeon, so if i click on
      a 'mailto' link in galeon, it fires up balsa via:
      'balsa --compose="%t"') [this may work by simply starting
      another balsa too]
    - send an email from this second balsa to yourself
   what happens then?  well, the email gets sent by the second
   balsa, but so do the test emails from the *first* balsa.  so,
   these emails get sent twice.  this is a major annoyance.  the
   second instantiation of balsa should recognize that these emails
   have *already* been sent.  BTW, this was also a bug in 1.2.4,
   but i was hoping it would have been fixed by 1.4.0.  sigh...

enhancements that i would like to see:

 - make it possible to 'move' an entire thread to another mailbox
   by clicking on the thread head and moving it.  either make this
   a selectable preference or open up a dialog box for each move
   of a message which has threaded messages under it.

 - make a button/menu selection to 're-scan all mailboxes'.

 - after 'commit current' or 'commit all', the numbering of the
   messages is no longer consistent with what you would see from,
   e.g., 'pine', or regular old vanilla 'mail'.  it would be nice,
   after committing the mailbox, to re-scan it, i think (make it
   a preference if you want, but it seems to me that it should be
   the default) to make the numbering consistent.

	-bryan butler
	 associate scientist
	 national radio astronomy observatory

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