Re: Date time stamp on incoming mail

On 28.03.2003 19:51 Bobby D. Bryant wrote:
> On 2003.03.28 13:37, Mike wrote:
>> Balsa seems to use the date that the email was sent rather than the 
>> date the email was received.
>> Nice, but a complete pain in the arse when people can't keep there 
>> machine's date correct.
>> I sort by date so that the latest are at the botoom.
>> The problem is I get the answer before the question sometimes. Other 
>> times the email appears right at the top because someone has the 
>> wrong year.
>> Is there a simple solution to this problem?
> I sort like you do, and find the same annoyances.
> I started trying 2.0.10 this week and discovered that there's a sort 
> column to the far left, with "#" as the column title, and from what 
> I've seen so far it looks like keeping the box sorted by that column 
> will give the effect you desire.  I just this minuted found and 
> deleted a bunch of misdated spam that would have appeared all over my 
> inbox if sorted by date.

Well, I don't know what that column does, I have never worked it out!
But if I sort by the #, which I think should be the order in which the 
email is received...
It does not work...

Actually thinking about it, maybe it does so long as you never close 

message   	date
1		25.07.2002
2		18.01.2003
3		21.06.2002

the above is the first 3 messages when sorting by the # column.

Towards the end of the mailbox everything is OK.

Looking at lookout :-), the date on the email dir screen in the date 
the email was received and the date when reading the email is the date 
that is was sent, so sometimes you see big differences.
Maybe a setting on the config screen to allow you to select the date 
column to sort on?

Or can someone point me to the place in the code and I will hack it.


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