Re: Aw: Re: gpgme replacement

Am 28.03.03 17:04 schrieb(en) Jacob Perkins:
> So if seahorse was installed and exported some kind of API for getting
> keys from a keyserver, then maybe balsa would use it?

Exactly... Seems to be more elegant to me (and btw I don't want to 
implement it myself :-))

> Maybe a better option would be to help me pester the gpgme folks to add
> keyserver support so I don't have to ;)

Hmmm, I think you *always* need some kind of ui as some users tend to have 
many keys on a server, therefore we must have some way to select the right 
one. But yes, you are right, gpgme sould implement it using gpg (and all 
its options about keyservers).

> One ui bug I noticed is that when encryption fails due to a bad
> passphrase, two dialogs popup instead of one. Bugzilla?

Yes, that's a leftover from the times when the notice about the reason 
went to stderr... A patch for that (and some other things) is almost 
ready. Thanks!

Cheers, Albrecht.

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