Re: Date time stamp on incoming mail

On 2003.03.28 13:37, Mike wrote:

> Balsa seems to use the date that the email was sent rather than the 
> date the email was received.
> Nice, but a complete pain in the arse when people can't keep there 
> machine's date correct.
> I sort by date so that the latest are at the botoom.
> The problem is I get the answer before the question sometimes. Other 
> times the email appears right at the top because someone has the 
> wrong year.
> Is there a simple solution to this problem?

I sort like you do, and find the same annoyances.

I started trying 2.0.10 this week and discovered that there's a sort 
column to the far left, with "#" as the column title, and from what 
I've seen so far it looks like keeping the box sorted by that column 
will give the effect you desire.  I just this minuted found and deleted 
a bunch of misdated spam that would have appeared all over my inbox if 
sorted by date.

Bobby Bryant
Austin, Texas

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