Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.0.10 and balsa-1.4.3 released

On 2003.03.25 23:38, Glenn Trigg wrote:
> On Wed Mar 26 09:17:53 2003 Pawel Salek wrote:
>>> Just thought I'd mention that the 1.4.3 release seems to have 
>>> broken no (i.e. flat) threading. I can't tell the difference 
>>> between simple & JWZ threading, but that's all I seem to see 
>>> instead of my usual no threading at all.
>  [snip]
> OK, a screenshot is attached. In the previous version (1.4.2) 
> selecting flat threading would result in the message list not using a 
> tree style view, but now it does.

OK, I think I see it: it seems liks this settings in the preferences is 
ignored, this is something to fix. What happens if you select from the 
main menu View/Flat index?


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