ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.0.10 and balsa-1.4.3 released


Balsa team would like to officially announce balsa-2.0.10 and 
balsa-1.4.3 releases. Both releases are available at

balsa-1.4.3 is based on GNOME1 libraries. balsa-2.0.10 is a GNOME2 port.

The major changes in balsa-1.4.3 since the last release include:

- number of bugs fixed (52168, 102472, 102470, 105605, 106508).
- some build fixes (e.g against openssl-0.9.7)
- (lib)mutt buffer overflow fix.

Get it directly from (built on RH8.0)

Changes in balsa-2.0.10 wrt the 2.0.9 release include:
- GPG support.
- translation fixes and enhancements.
- large set of UI fixes.
- wrapping cleanups.
- autocommit improvements.
- (lib)mutt buffer overflow fix.
- ...and lots of other bugs fixed.

Get it directly from (built on RH8.0)

Report the bugs either on the mailing list or to Bugzilla,

Happy mailing!

Pawel Salek

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