Re: Re: Suggestion about Albrecht patch

On 2003.03.18 19:59, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> See below for the new patch, against today's cvs (updated ~ 1 hour 
> ago). The main changes compared to the stuff in bugzilla are:
> * detects & accepts gpgme version 0.3.x with x >= 14 (not only == 14);
> * displays a padlock icon in the "A" index column if the mail is 
> signed/encrypted (it's not possible to detect attachments in rfc3156 
> mails...). I changed src/balsa-icons.[hc] and src/balsa-index.c for 
> that and added the icon file (there sould be different ones for 
> sign/encrypt, later...);
> * displays the main signature's status in the header field.

In. Thanks a lot!

I wonder whether it would make sense to write short HOWTO configure the 
whole thing: I get he warning messages that the signature could not be 
verified but at this stage I do not know how to download the key.


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