Re: Aw: Re: Suggestion about Albrecht patch

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 wrote:

> > I think this is even a better idea because it would avoid Albrecht to
> > follow the cvs and to update his patch forever. But everyone has to
> That actually depends on the definition of "forever" ;-)) I now plan to
> set up a web page within the next few days, containing the patch and
> some links, and to provide regular updates with my new features there
> (as I have very few time now, progres is extremely slow, though...)
> against the last stable and the cvs version. A BIG link on the balsa
> page then might do the job.
> This does of course **not** mean that I want to keep it that way for a
> long time, and I would be *really* happy if people liked it and it would
> make it into the cvs and a regular release.

1. No problem with the link on the balsa page or even web space if needed.

2. I think this patch slowly matures to be commited to CVS (I must say I 
tried it only once but it seemed ok then) - if this would be OK with other 


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