Aw: Re: Suggestion about Albrecht patch

> I think this is even a better idea because it would avoid Albrecht to 
> follow the cvs and to update his patch forever. But everyone has to 

That actually depends on the definition of "forever" ;-)) I now plan to set up a web page within the next few days, containing the patch and some links, and to provide regular updates with my new features there (as I have very few time now, progres is extremely slow, though...) against the last stable and the cvs version. A BIG link on the balsa page then might do the job.

This does of course **not** mean that I want to keep it that way for a long time, and I would be *really* happy if people liked it and it would make it into the cvs and a regular release.

However, although everything seems to run nicely, I would feel better if we had some more response before integrating it. Especially the proof that it works with other mua's, also from the winbloze world, would be important, as well as a review of the handling of the passphrase (which is the most critical part from the security point of view).

Just my EUR 0.01...

Cheers, Albrecht.

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