Re: Suggestion about Albrecht patch

On 03/16/2003, Emmanuel wrote:
> On 2003.03.16 12:59, Steffen Klemer wrote:
[ snip ]
>> It's a good idea, but I would also say to commit the patch to cvs 
>> and release a new version with gpg-support marked as "experimental"
>> That way there's much more attention (and if you put this into the 
>> announcement even more - perhaps it will make a slashdot :-)
>> And 'cause it's a compile-time otion not many normal users will 
>> complain 'bout this "untested and not working" feature...
> I think this is even a better idea because it would avoid Albrecht to 
> follow the cvs and to update his patch forever. But everyone has to 
> agree for that (perhaps is it time to open the dev branch?)

Getting it in to cvs with some sort of conditional compilation would 
make testing and developing the code easier...provided someone builds 
it regularly to make sure that subsequent changes don't break it!


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