Re: Suggestion about Albrecht patch

On 2003.03.16 13:04, Emmanuel wrote:
> 	Hi all,
> because I saw that Albrecht did not get a lot of feedback, and I think 
> this patch deserves a bit more testing, what do you think of putting a 
> link on balsa page advertising the patch (this would perhaps attract 
> people for who this feature is crucial)?

It's a good idea, but I would also say to commit the patch to cvs and 
release a new version with gpg-support marked as "experimental"
That way there's much more attention (and if you put this into the 
announcement even more - perhaps it will make a slashdot :-)

And 'cause it's a compile-time otion not many normal users will complain 
'bout this "untested and not working" feature...


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