Re: unread messages in msg list

On 2003.03.13 21:12, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> On 03/13/2003, Darko Obradovic wrote:
> [ snip ]
>> Is there still a "replied/forwarded"-icon in CVS? As these are 
>> mutually exclusive with "unread", this could be handled, no?
> Yes, there is. Balsa dedicates one column ("A") to the attachment 
> icon, and one ("S") for status, in order of priority:
> and previously,
> This might not be the best use of two columns...and we don't 
> necessarily have to live with two columns...

Hmm yes in case someones can't live without icons ;-), we have to use 
them correctly. Ie if we have to put priorities because of ui space 
constraints we have to think well the priority. I think that even with 
icons back, we could still use the bold font (this way if the unread 
icon is not visible you still have the bold font; note that in general 
the unread pixmap must certainly have the last priority, because in 
general an unread message won't be replied/flagged/deleted till you 
read it).

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