Re: unread messages in msg list

Am 13.03.2003 23:59 schrieb(en) Peter Bloomfield:
> On 03/13/2003, Carlos Morgado wrote:
>> Is it just me or the 'use bold' thing just isn't noticeable enough ?
>> My wife (Real User :)) complained about the lack of the envelope 
>> pixmap
>> and actually with the font she uses bold is hard to distinguish from
>> normal.
>> So, that leaves colouring the lines like with unread-thread.  What do
>> you guys think ?
> I think that with some fonts the bold won't be very clearly 
> distinguished from normal, and coloring may be an issue for the 
> color-blind, and all in all, I'd like to see the icon back!

I'd strongly vote for the icon as the user which I am, considering 
usability. :)
Is there still a "replied/forwarded"-icon in CVS? As these are mutually 
exclusive with "unread", this could be handled, no?



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