Re: mailbox index list appearance

On 2003.03.03 16:37 Lynn Kerby wrote:
> I'm trying to run balsa 2.0.9 using a Gnome1.4 desktop.  I've built balsa
> and all the requisite Gnome2 libs using GARNOME and have set up my
> environment to find all the Gnome2 libs first in the search path.  Things
> are working pretty well, but I've noticed that there is entirely too much
> whitespace in the mailbox list and mailbox index windows.  Does anyone
> know what I can do to tell GTK2 to put less space around things in these
> GtkTreeView lists?  I'm mostly interested in changing the vertical spacing
> so that it is about the same as what I find in the pop-up menu.

I've found what appears to be the solution, though the actual implementation
of the solution is still a problem.  The extra padding comes in via the
GtkCellRenderer widget's xpad and ypad properties.  Putting a g_object_set()
call to set ypad to 1 after the gtk_cell_renderer_text_new() calls in
makes the appearance much better but I don't like that as a general solution.

It would seem that this property should be settable in my '~/.gtkrc-2.0" file,
I haven't figured out what combination of style/class/widget_class/widget
statements will bring about the change.  I am able to affect expanders and
other some widgets' properties, so I'm not completely clueless here (it just
seems like it sometimes :-).  Of course, now that I've been in mucking with
my gtkrc file - I've lost my emacs keybindings in text widgets (and before
anyone asks, the gtk-key-theme-name didn't change)....

I've posted the question on changing the ypad properties to the and will update this thread with any useful new 
information on the off-chance that someone else is as annoyed by
a couple of pixels of whitespace as I am.

Lynn Kerby

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